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We the Sea Turtles : A Collection of Island Stories 

We the Sea Turtles : A Collection of Island Stories 

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We the Sea Turtles : A Collection of Island Stories 
Michelle Kadarusman

In a collection of powerful stories by Governor General’s Award-nominated author Michelle Kadarusman, nine children on islands around the world are each changed by a chance meeting with a turtle as they find their own grounding in an increasingly unpredictable world.

Nine beautifully evocative short stories from the pen of Governor General’s Award finalist Michelle Kadarusman

On islands around the world—from Manhattan to PhillipIsland, Australia, to Komodo Island and beyond—nine children facelife-changing moments: escaping a flood; embracing their identity; discoveringthat the adults in their lives can ease the burden of their eco-anxiety. Andalthough each child couldn’t be more different, one thing connects them all: aturtle swam into each of their lives at a critical moment, and left themchanged. 

Author Michelle Kadarusman has lived and travelled all around the world, and her elegant writing captures the spirit of the places that have left their mark on her. In We the Sea Turtles, she explores relevant themes like eco-anxiety, natural disaster, and how people ground themselves when they’ve been uprooted. One way, as this collection shows, is to tell ourselves stories: stories that make sense of life.

  • Juvenile Fiction / Science & Nature / Environment 
  • Hardcover with printed dust jacket
  • Ages 9 to 14, Grades 4 to 9
  • 208 pages
  • 8 in H | 5.5 in W
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