A little bit about us


Robert is a proud co-owner of Chukaruka.com, where he serves as the book buyer and collection creator. He is also a full-time speech therapist, with years of experience working with children. An avid reader, Robert brings his love of literature and passion for literacy to his work at Chukaruka.com. He is committed to promoting and amplifying minority and underrepresented voices, seeking out culturally significant literature and curating exceptional book collections that educate, inspire, and empower readers of all ages. Additionally, Robert brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the team, with his background in speech therapy providing a unique perspective on literacy and language acquisition. As a childhood friend of co-owner Wendy, Robert's dedication to Chukaruka.com is rooted in his personal history and his desire to make a difference in the world. He is a valuable member of the Chukaruka.com team, working tirelessly to ensure that every selection represents the spirit of inclusivity, diversity, and cultural richness that defines Chukaruka.com.


Meet Wendy, also known as "Wenchukaruka", the proud co-owner of Chukaruka.com. Wendy is a first-generation Mexican American, and she brings a wealth of cultural knowledge and passion for inclusivity to her work at Chukaruka.com. With over 20 years of experience in early childhood education, Wendy has made it her mission to promote literacy and education for children of all backgrounds. As a piñata maker, Wendy understands the importance of engaging children's imaginations and creating memorable learning experiences. At Chukaruka.com, she has curated exceptional collections of culturally significant literature, ensuring that every selection promotes diversity, inclusion, and empathy. Wendy is a dedicated advocate for minority and underrepresented communities, and she uses her platform to amplify their voices and celebrate their contributions. Through her commitment to education, culture, and the arts, Wendy has made Chukaruka.com a beacon of hope and inspiration for readers of all ages. Join Wendy in her mission to educate, inspire, and elevate through the power of literature.

About Chukaruka

Chukaruka is a virtual space created during the pandemic in July 2020 by Wendy and Robert, with a mission to amplify minority and underrepresented voices. The name "Chukaruka" is an abbreviation of Wendy's childhood nickname "Wenchukaruka", given to her by Robert years ago. This virtual space was born from a desire to connect with friends and family in a fun, stress-free way, while encompassing their Latino and Black roots. As two self-proclaimed introverts, Wendy and Robert curated a unique selection of subscription boxes, culturally relevant shirts, masks, and art that reflect their values of inclusivity and diversity. In addition to their merchandise, Chukaruka also offers culturally diverse and exceptional book collections. As firm believers in the power of literature, they aim to educate and inspire readers of all ages with their exceptional literary selections. At Chukaruka, the values of inclusivity, empathy, and cultural richness shine through in every aspect of their virtual space. Join Wendy and Robert in their mission to celebrate and amplify minority and underrepresented voices, as they curate a space that is welcoming to all.