Virtual Birthday Party

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Don't let social distancing rain on your special day.  Celebrate in style with those you love or maybe kinda like.  Chukaruka's virtual experiences takes the hassle out of party planning with these curated virtual experiences.  Your Virtual Birthday in a box comes with all you need to make someone (or yourself) feel special. 

Each box contains:

  • A birthday hat and party blower
  • Decorations- to jazz up your environment
  1. Balloons
  2. Streamers
  3. a banner
  • Snacks- munchies are a party must
  1. salty snack (chips)
  2. sweet snack (Single serve cookies)
  3. Candy (Gummies or hard candy )
  4. Birthday Cupcake
  5. single serve coffee
You must provide 3 weeks advances notice. You will receive a step by step guide to setting up your zoom meeting, create your invite and enjoy your party.

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