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The Loneliness Problem: A Guided Workbook for Creating Social Connection and Ending Isolation

The Loneliness Problem: A Guided Workbook for Creating Social Connection and Ending Isolation

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By Susan Reynolds
Discover how to enhance your social connections and live a more fulfilling life with The Loneliness Problem.

Improve your social relationships and overall well-being with The Loneliness Problem guided workbook.

The current epidemic of loneliness and social isolation is having detrimental effects on our mental, physical, and emotional health. The Loneliness Problem addresses these issues and provides tangible techniques and guidance on how to alleviate your social disconnection, loneliness, and low self-esteem.

With this accessible workbook, you’ll explore different types of loneliness and learn about what may be holding you back from making important connections. Dig deeper in your current relationships and learn about the structure and function that each one of your social connections brings to your life.

The Loneliness Problem features:

  • Over 100 thought-provoking writing prompts
  • Psychology-based techniques and exercises
  • A loneliness quiz to assess how lonely you really are
  • Inspirational quotes

Sample prompts include:
  • Is anxiety preventing you from connecting?
  • Do you often have conflicts in your relationships?
  • Where do you need more support right now, and whom could you ask to provide it?

Learn how to expand your social network, deepen your relationships, and live a more fulfilling life with this insightful workbook.

With so much of our lives and contact going digital, the Guided Workbooks offer an intimate way to nurture your connection with yourself and the people around you. An entertaining way to get off your screen, the pages in these guided prompt books are great for writers and first-timers alike. Each workbook offers content around a different, compelling theme, filled with thoughtful questions, inspiration for composition, and interactive prompts to learn about yourself and the world around you. Beautifully designed on high-quality paper stock and full of mindful prompts, channel your inspiration as you put pen to paper to learn more about what inspires you.

Other books in the series include: 52 Weeks to Better Mental Health, Finding Your Authentic Self, and Overcome Your Anxiety
Paperback / Self-Help / Communication & Social Skills / Mental Health / Family & Relationships / Friendship
 0.7" H x 8.4" L x 6.0" W (0.88 lbs) 192 pages
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