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The Enduring, Invisible, and Ubiquitous Centrality of Whiteness

The Enduring, Invisible, and Ubiquitous Centrality of Whiteness

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Edited by Kenneth V. Hardy 
A comprehensive collection on the topic of whiteness from writers in the field of mental health and activism.

Whiteness is a pervasive ideology that is rarely overtly identified or examined, despite its profound effects on race relationships. Being intentional about naming, deconstructing, and dismantling whiteness is a precursor to responding effectively to the racial reckoning of our society and improving race relationships, addressing systemic bias, and moving towards the creation of a more racially just world.

In this collection of essays, scholars from a variety of backgrounds and trainings explore how the longstanding centering of whiteness in all aspects of society, including clinical therapy spaces, has led to widespread racial injustice. Contributors include: David Trimble, Lane Arye, Jodie Kliman, Ken Epstein, Toby Bobes, Cynthia Chestnut, Ovita F. Williams, Gene E. Cash Jr., Carlin Quinn, Christiana Ibilola Awosan, Niki Berkowitz, Jen Leland, Mary Pender Greene, Hinda Winawer, Bonnie Berman Cushing, Michael Boucher, Robin Schlenger, Alana Tappin, Timothy Baima, Jeffery Mangram, Liang-Ying Chou, Irene In Hee Sung, Ana Hernandez, Robin Nuzum, Keith A. Alford, Hugo Kamya, and Cristina Combs.

Paperback / Social Science / Race & Ethnic RelationsPsychology / Clinical Psychology / Mental Health / Social Science / Discrimination

1.32" H x 9.01" L x 6.07" W (1.85 lbs) 640 pages


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