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The Cosmic Adventures of Astrid and Stella : A Hello!Lucky Book

The Cosmic Adventures of Astrid and Stella : A Hello!Lucky Book

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Blast off with The Cosmic Adventures of Astrid and Stella, first in an out-of-this world graphic novel series from Sabrina and Eunice Moyle, the bestselling creators Hello!Lucky.

Meet Astrid and Stella! These best friends are ready to fire up the turbo blasters and take off into the stratosphere! They’ll just need a few things before it’s time to go: their special space suits, lots and lots of snacks, and their trusty robot, Bobo. When things go sideways, Astrid and Stella always rely on their go-to mottos to get them out of sticky situations: “We can do hard things!” and “Progress not perfection!”

In their very first adventure, Astrid and Stella will discover the cute and cuddly planet Caturn and the beach-covered planet Bloop. At each stop, they’ll meet new pals, solve friendship conundrums, and stop one evil tyrant—with lots of dance breaks and snack attacks along the way. It’s all in a lightyear’s work for these intergalactic pals!

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