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The Atlas of Love : A Novel

The Atlas of Love : A Novel

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The Atlas of Love : A Novel by Laurie Frankel
From New York Times bestselling author of This Is How It Always Is, a beautiful, heartwarming novel about the strength of female friendship and the many forms and shapes of the modern family.

Nothing puts love and friendship to the test quite like a baby...

When Jill becomes both pregnant and single at the end of one spring semester, she and her two closest friends plunge into an experiment in tri-parenting, tri-schooling, and tri-habitating as grad students in Seattle.

Naturally, everything goes wrong, but in ways no one sees coming. Janey Duncan narrates the adventure of this modern family with hilarity and wisdom and shows how three lives are forever changed by (un)cooperative parenting, literature, and a tiny baby named Atlas, who upends and uplifts their entire world. In this sparkling and wise debut novel, Frankel's unforgettable heroines prove that home is simply where the love is.

  • Fiction / Women 
  • Trade Paperback
  • 8.2 in H | 5.4 in W | 0.9 in T | 0.6 lb Wt


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