Small Victories Magic Velvet Pennant Coloring Set

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Celebrate even the tiniest of life's accomplishments with these magic* velvet pennants by Brass Monkey. Use the 8 included brush-tip markers to color them, then display them for the world to see (or give them to friends). Think of them as little diplomas for the real world.

*Not actually magic... they're just fuzzy.

• Features 5 pennants: Didn't Cry Today, Functional-ish Adult, Thousandaire, Made Small Talk, & I Did It! (Barely)
• Includes 8 quality brush-tip markers to help you color to your heart's content.
• The box top features a flocked tip-on that's the same material and size as the enclosed pennants.
• The outer box measures 13" by 6" by 1.5" deep.
• Each pennant measures 12.25" by 5.125".

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