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Racial Awareness Conversations for Everyone (R.A.C.E. Cards)

Racial Awareness Conversations for Everyone (R.A.C.E. Cards)

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By Dana E. Crawford 

How can we initiate strategic conversations about racism that lead to change?

Racial Awareness Conversations for Everyone (R.A.C.E. Cards) are intended to foster open communication around issues of race. Composed of forty-eight exploratory prompts, this deck facilitates discussion and reflection about racism, racial bias, and prejudice. Based on the Crawford Bias Reduction Theory and Training (CBRT), developed by clinical psychologist Dr. Dana E. Crawford, R.A.C.E. Cards are divided into three distinct learning, practicing, and action tiers: Awareness cards, Investigation cards, and Reduction cards. Perfect for use both as journal prompts for individuals and to facilitate professional trainings, R.A.C.E. Cards are a highly effective tool for anyone seeking a greater understanding of racial bias and how it can be mitigated.

Cards / Social Science / Race & Ethnic RelationsSelf-Help / Communication & Social Skills / Discrimination

1.29" H x 5.42" L x 3.66" W (0.59 lbs) 68 pages

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