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Procrastination Magnetic Bookmark

Procrastination Magnetic Bookmark

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Procrastinate Magnetic Bookmarks
The Procrastinate magnetic bookmarks bring an artistic edge to your reading experience, especially for those who master the art of procrastination! These bookmarks are more than just placeholders; they are designed and handmade with love and care, injecting fun into each reading session.

Materials: Printed on high-quality 200 GSM glossy photo paper.
Finish: Laminated for extra protection against wear and tear.
Features: Built-in magnets to securely keep your place.
The bookmarks measure between 1 1/2" - 2 1/2" when folded.

Sizes can vary based on the selected design.

Masterful Handmade Quality
Each Procrastinate magnetic bookmark is made from high-quality glossy photo paper and laminated for durability. These bookmarks, embedded with perfectly aligned magnets, ensure your progression through any procrastination-themed book will stay marked securely.

Slight Variations
Keep in mind, due to differences in electronic device monitors, and given that these bookmarks are handcrafted, the actual colors may slightly vary from what you see on your screen.

Proudly Made in the United States
Bring an extra layer of fun to your act of procrastination with these beautiful bookmarks that not only add to your reading journey but also help support local arts and craftsmanship. Grab your Procrastinate magnetic bookmarks today and procrastinate in style!

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