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Papel Picado Banner Skull

Papel Picado Banner Skull

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Brighten up your space with these traditional, vibrantly colored, 6 feet long Papel Picado Banners. Featuring 10 5x7 skull panels, this banners is made of delicate tissue material, add a festive touch to any occasion.

Size: Each banner is 6 feet long with 10 5x7 individual skull panels.
Material: Crafted from colorful tissue, adding a festive and light feeling.
Traditional Touch
These banners embrace the traditional Papel Picado artform, featuring a skull motif, perfect for Dia de los Muertos or any other celebration that appreciates the beauty of this cultural iconography.

Delicate Craftsmanship
Each square is carefully cut out from colorful tissue paper to create intricate and lively illustrations showcasing a beautiful balance between tradition and artistry.

Easy to Hang
The banners come with a string, making it easy to hang and create a festive atmosphere in an instant.

Add a Splash of Color
Whether it's a special occasion or just for regular décor, these Papel Picado banners with vibrantly colored skull planks bring a splash of color to your space, adding a fun, festive flair.

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