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Lola and the Troll

Lola and the Troll

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By Connie Schultz,

Illustrated by Sandy Rodríguez

A debut picture book by Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and New York Times bestselling author Connie Schultz, about a young girl named Lola who decides to be brave and stand up to a bully.

Lola is a happy kid who loves recess and her  imaginary dog, Tank. There’s just one problem: the neighborhood bully. He hides behind a troll costume and says mean things to everyone who walks by, including Lola. Soon she starts wearing her hair differently, walking on her tippy toes to add a few extra inches to her height, and even putting cornstarch in her shoes because he said her feet stink! But when Lola’s mom takes her to her favorite place, The Bee’s Sneeze bookstore, the owner, Ms. Sneesby,  reminds Lola that she LOVES her curly hair, her bright smile, and her big eyes. And most importantly, Ms. Sneesby reminds Lola that she is brave. 

Lola and the Troll is about remembering how to be brave, even when it’s hard, and realizing that some-times all a bully really needs is a little kindness.
Hardcover / Juvenile Fiction / Humorous Stories / Monsters / Action & Adventure
Ages 4 to 8, Grades P to 3
0.5" H x 8.2" L x 10.2" W (0.8 lbs) 40 pages
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