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Life Skills Book for Teens: Everything You Need to Know to Be More Independent

Life Skills Book for Teens: Everything You Need to Know to Be More Independent

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By Maureen Stiles

A practical guide to everyday life skills for teens ages 16 to 18

Set yourself up for success as an adult—tips and advice for ages 16+

How do you create a budget? Clean a bathroom? Make a doctor's appointment? If you're feeling a little overwhelmed by the responsibilities of growing up, you're not alone—and the Life Skills Book for Teens is here to help! It includes straightforward advice for handling your money, health, home, relationships, and more so you can take on adulthood with confidence.

  • Life skills 101 for teens—Learn the basics of being independent with guidance on everyday skills like using a credit card, eating balanced meals, and doing laundry.
  • Make a good impression—From giving thoughtful gifts to dressing appropriately for different occasions, this book of life skills for teens is your go-to guide for navigating social and professional interactions like a pro.
  • Consider this—Make smart choices with tips on things to think about when you travel, adopt a pet, make a big purchase, or any other life event that comes with extra responsibilities.

This essential life skills book shows you how to live independently and feel in charge of your own life!

Paperback / Young Adult Nonfiction / Health & Daily Living

Ages 16 to 18, Grades 11 to 11
0.63" H x 6.93" L x 4.96" W (0.45 lbs) 176 pages
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