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Kung Food : Chinese American Recipes from a Third-Culture Kitchen: A Cookbook

Kung Food : Chinese American Recipes from a Third-Culture Kitchen: A Cookbook

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Kung Food : Chinese American Recipes from a Third-Culture Kitchen: A Cookbook by 
Jon Kung
An exciting and unexpected collection of 100 recipes that re-examines Chinese American food

Jon Kung grew up as a "third-culture" kid: Born in Los Angeles, raised in Hong Kong and Toronto, and now living in Detroit, Jon learned to embrace his diasporic identity in the kitchen after pivoting his career from law school graduate to being a cook. When the pandemic shut down his immensely popular popup, he turned to social media—not just as a means of creative expression, but as a way to teach and inspire.  

Over time, Jon discovered that expressing himself through food not only reflected his complicated identities, it affirmed them. From dumplings to the most decadent curried mac and cheese, Jon inspires millions through his creative recipes and content. 
In Kung Food, he breaks the boundaries of flavors in chapters such as: 
  • Snacky Snacks, Bites, and Cravings (Sesame Shrimp Toast, Vegan Fried Chicken Sandwich)
  • Noodles & Dumplings (Ginger Scallion Noodles, Buffalo Chicken Rangoon, Lamb Curry Dumplings)
  • Rice & Congee (“Clay Pot” Rice Tahdig, Mushroom Fried Rice)
  • Stir Fries (Szechuan Paneer, Faygo Orange Chicken)
  • Kung Foo Means “with Effort” (Hong Kong Chicken and Waffles, Dan Dan Lasagna)

Through stunning, playful, and high-energy photos and Jon’s wit and humility, he brings forward a collection of recipes that blend cultural traditions, ingredients, and flavors with his ultimate goal of redefining what Chinese American food can be.
  • Cooking / Regional & Ethnic / Chinese 
  • Hardcover Paper over boards
  • 288 pages
  • 90-105 4C PHOTOGRAPHS
  • 10.3 in H | 8.4 in W | 1 in T | 2.7 lb Wt
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