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Day of the Dead Ring Bearer Boy Sticker - "Muerto"

Day of the Dead Ring Bearer Boy Sticker - "Muerto"

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Introducing our "Day of the Dead" theme stickers – a vibrant and colorful addition to our collection of cultural gifts. As a minority-owned business, takes great pride in celebrating underrepresented voices and cultures, making this sticker a perfect representation of the values we embody.

The "Day of the Dead" (Dia de los Muertos) is a festive celebration of life, honoring loved ones who have passed. Each sticker features unique and intricate designs inspired by this Mexican tradition, perfect to showcase during cultural celebrations and holidays.

These stickers are not only visually stunning but it also reinforces the importance of preserving one's cultural identity through art and crafts. They are an ideal addition to the collection of book lovers and members of book clubs who are interested in exploring diverse cultural experiences and traditions.

By purchasing these stickers, you support a black-owned business and contribute to our mission of promoting cultural inclusivity and diversity. We represent the dedication of Latinx entrepreneurs and support the underrepresented voices in our communities.

Get ready to celebrate cultural diversity and life's rich traditions – purchase your "Day of the Dead" theme sticker set today, and let the vibrant colors and designs inspire and enliven you.

Liven up your life with our Day of the Dead theme stickers – let your festive spirit fly high!a

Approximately 3 x 5″ and features eye-popping artwork of Nicholas Ivins.

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