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Chloe's Nature Journal

Chloe's Nature Journal

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By Miri Leshem-Pelly

Part exploration, part writing and drawing, the illustrated format makes science fun

When her teacher assigns the class to start a science journal, noting the animals they find in their yards, Chloe is sure she'll discover the most.

But once she's in her yard with her journal and markers, she can't find any animals to sketch. Will she end up finding the fewest, not the most? With a bit of patience and lots of close looking, Chloe realizes all kinds of creatures make a home in her yard. Birds, insects, reptiles, and mammals all live together, some of them eating each other. Chloe asks a lot of questions about what she sees, noting her discoveries, finding some answers, and learning some new skills from the creatures she observes. Without realizing it, Chloe is following the scientific method. And so a young scientist is made!

Hardcover / Juvenile Fiction / Science & Nature / Environment / Animals

Ages 7 to 11, Grades 2 to 5
0.39" H x 8.82" L x 6.06" W (0.5 lbs) 38 pages
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