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99 Stories I Could Tell: A Doodlebook To Help You Create

99 Stories I Could Tell: A Doodlebook To Help You Create

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By Nathan W. Pyle

A Paperback Original

The bestselling author of NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette delivers a guided journal that will make you laugh, teach you to draw, and help you tell your story.

From the bestselling author of NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette comes 99 Stories I Could Tell, a guided journal with 99 prompts. Nathan Pyle takes journalers for a creative ride through the pages of this product—each prompt comes with a mix of black lines (solid boundaries to color) and blue lines (to trace and use as a jumping off point for further imagination. The prompts move from extremely supportive towards the start of the journal (giving the journaler lots of structure so as not to intimidate them) to more free-form, the idea being that the journalers’ skills will increase the more they progress.

A collection of inventive and humorous trips down memory lane, the prompts assist journalers to curate and draw their most prized recollections as well as help them to unearth memories they didn’t know they had (a lie you were told as a child that you believed until recently, or the first fictional death you experienced). Each of the 99 stories has been chosen because they prompt a strong emotional resonance. Readers will want to share the content on their social media. In addition, the prompts can also be mixed and matched to create all-new narratives, the way musical notes can be lined up differently to create new tunes.

With a beautiful package that reflects the journal’s nostalgic tone and is reminiscent of a toy, 99 Stories I Could Tell also features a convenient format that is large enough to satisfy doodlers, but is light enough to easily fit in a backpack or tote bag. Furthermore, the jacket is also removeable to reveal an uncoated cover where journalers can embellish their own unique design, making each journal completely customizable!

Paperback / Games & Activities / Guided Journals

112 pages| 8 in H | 8 in W | 0.8 lb Wt

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