Collection: Hispanic-Latino Heritage Month Collection: Celebrating Vibrant Cultures

Introducing the "Latin Active" collection at, a celebration of Latinx culture and a showcase for underrepresented voices. As a minority-owned business, we take great pride in highlighting cultural gifts that pay homage to our heritage and promote inclusivity worldwide.

The Latin Active collection features a variety of products, including books, journals, tasting notebooks, and even wearable items like the Red String Bracelet. The book titles and recommendations in the collection, such as All About Love, Ghosts: A Graphic Novel, and How to Love the World, represent a diverse range of authors and themes reflective of Latinx culture.

As members of book clubs or individual readers who appreciate exploring various literary works, this collection caters to you and supports underrepresented voices. By purchasing this collection, you contribute to a black-owned business that supports Latinx entrepreneurs and amplifies diverse perspectives.

Additionally, the Latin Active collection complements celebrations and holidays that honor Latinx traditions, such as the Día De Los Muertos/ Day of the Dead Altar (Gift box/ Virtual party) or Cuauhtémoc: Shapes -Formas.

Show your support for underrepresented voices and promote cultural inclusivity with the Latin Active collection. Get your hands on our unique and culturally-enriched products today, and join the movement for decisive action to create cultural awareness and representation.