Loteria Lapel Pins

From the Chukaruka Loteria collection of distinctive lapel pins, these enamel pins are crafted with from zinc alloy and have gold, silver and black colored backings. The pins display a variety of modern designs to express individuality and leave a lasting impression. Celebrate love and positivity with these cute pins. These lapel pins lend themselves to multiple stylings: worn singly, together or mixed with other pins from any collection.


Various designs
Multi colored enamel
Material: Zinc alloy
Lightweight and durable
Great for parades and parties 
Perfect gift for friends and family

Chukaruka carefully selects each of the lapel pin. These enamel pins vary from one creation to another.

Metal, weight, and size information is given for information only and may vary slightly from one piece to another.

These pins are polished to a smooth and shiny finish.  They are sure to delight. Let it all out and share your story with confidence

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