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Blots Card Game

Blots Card Game

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Wexler Studios brings a game where you have to predict what the Rorschach style blots mean to the other player. Will you be able to see what they see?
• Tin
• 30 Blots Cards
• 30 Choice Cards
• 24 Numbered Cards
• Instruction Card

Players try to predict what Roscharch-style blots on each card mean to another player.

The first player turns over 2 cards - a blot card and a card with 3 possible answers. He also lays face down a number card choosing his answer. Other players lay a card face down, choosing the number of the answer they pick. Points are awarded depending on the answers picked.

The first person to 10 points wins.

Card Game, 3-8 Players, Ages 10 and up.

1.7" H x 4.4" L x 3.4" W (0.5 lbs)


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