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Don't let social distancing get in the way of your Sunday afternoon brunch with friends. 

Celebrate any occasion in style with those you love or maybe kinda like.

Your Brunch box comes with all you need to make someone (or yourself) feel special. Order a box for a friend or send them a link so they can buy their own. When it arrives, set up your zoom meeting, put on your crown and get your virtual brunch on. 


Perfect gift for : 

Mother’s Day

Baby shower

Bridal shower 

Catch up with friends

* Remember to pick up champagne to make mimosas. 


Chukaruka's virtual experience takes the hassle out of party planning with these curated virtual experiences. 

Treat your self. No special occasion required. 

Each box contains

             Tissue Paper flower 

             Stemless Champagne flute (1)

             Cloth Napkin (1)

Single serve Snacks:

       Cookies (1)

       Belgium Waffle (1)

       Cheese crisps (1) 

       Oatmeal (1)

       Freeze Dried fruit pouch (1)


    Instant Coffee   

     Orange juice 



Tiara hair accessory  




You must provide 3 weeks advances notice for 3 or more boxes. Item ships ground. 

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