Serape Face Mask

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Serape Mask helps you keep the RONA out with style.  This fashion accessory epitomizes Mexican heritage.  Impress your friends with this woven colorful and unique mask. 

The Zarape began as a masculine garment that expressed the technological advancements in wool and cotton originally being produced in the 1830-40's.  This outerwear garment was worn over the shoulders as a poncho or shawl by the Chichimec people of Coahuila in Northern Mexico. Originally worn by the poor and working class in Mexico and Guatemala. 

It began as a blend of European and Mezzo-American weaving techniques.  The European styles focused on the dying of wool and/or cotton while the Mezzo-Americans focused on the weaving.  The word "Serape" refers to the striped pattern technique of hand looming stripes into soft cotton and hand dying each cotton fiber before weaving together.

The Serape was a common garment used by all walks of life in Mexico at first only worn by men.  Travels from other countries began to marvel at the weaving, color, and quality of the garments and the Zarape became very popular.

Modern Serapes are woven by machines.  The popularity of the Zarape world-wide.  Buy one for yourself, your sancha, your girlfriend or do you player.

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The universally recognized symbol of Mexico...Sombrero and Botas sold separately

*These are artisan masks and each design is unique and varies.

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